Team-building Projects that inspire new ideas, SPARK cReativity AND rejuvenate teams 

Through fun hands-on projects that give participants the opportunity to build,  paint and draw, ArtPropel's visual arts workshops provide co-workers with a creative way to think outside the box, get inspired and collaborate on new projects.

Image credit: Mary Jennings

Image credit: Mary Jennings

Pillars by Rosemary Covey

Pillars by Rosemary Covey

paint wars

Hold on! This is not your chance to throw paint at colleagues. Although, that can be arranged! What we've designed is the opportunity for teammates to engage in some friendly competition as they navigate through a variety of art challenges. Employees get to bond as they create, collaborate and compete outside of work.


MIXED Media 

In this team building exercise, participants come together to create a six foot pillar that can stand as a permanent structure in the lobby. Guided by the instructor, participants create designs using shapes and colors that represent their company. The designs are mounted on a concrete form that is lightweight, water resistant, and visually dramatic. No art background is necessary, just an open mind, a free imagination and a sense of fun.


Creative thinking and Collaboration

Using simple drawing exercises in a two hour time frame, the principles of creative thought will be explored and illustrated through a collaborative hands-on project.



Learning to draw first involves learning to see. Exercises in line, value, and gesture will introduce participants to the art of perception. Lessons provide tips and tricks for recording what you see, whether 2D or 3D, organic or geometric. Meanwhile, instruction in graphite technique will demonstrate the flexibility of this inexpensive art medium.