Team-building workshops in music and improv encourages close listening, thinking on your feet and better communication Among teammates.

ArtPropel offers a variety of workshops through music and theater that provide employees with the opportunity to create, collaborate and communicate outside their normal work routine. 


Exploring Percussion instruments

Basic rhythms and grooves are demonstrated and groups are formed that build the beats from their foundation to improvisation. African, Latin American and Middle Eastern instruments are provided. Participants learn how to go from hand clapping a rhythm to actually performing in an ensemble setting. No previous background on any instrument is needed. 



Using the basic principles of improvisation to create a positive atmosphere for participants as individuals and as a group, this fun, fast-paced workshop focuses on communication skills, creativity, and thinking on one's feet.


music theory demystified

Cellist and composer Wytold demystifies how music works through original compositions on the six-string electric cello with live electronics that have been used in dance, theater, and award-winning film scores. Participants use their new knowledge to create a short musical piece together as a group. Workshops offer additional opportunities for hands-on learning and collaborative music creation.



Are you nervous about speaking in public? Does giving presentations fill you with dread? Do you ever wish you had the confidence and ease of an actor on stage? Learn some concrete tips on public speaking and then tackle the fears and barriers getting in your way.