Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

Creative Thinking and Collaboration Workshop  led by Rosemary Covey

Creative Thinking and Collaboration Workshop led by Rosemary Covey

Long hours, packed calendars, and tight deadlines are the reality for workplace professionals. Yet, it is in this frenetic environment; that individuals are expected to perform their very best, day in and day out.

But is this non-stop work culture helping or hindering performance?

Groundbreaking research by sleep scientist Nathaniel Kleitman, found that our bodies follow the Ultradian rhythm or a cycle that moves from high performance to low performance over a 90-minute period. Upon the end of this period, the body is fatigued and needs a 20-minute break before the individual's focus can return to its pre-90 minute level.

In other words, a typical eight-hour workday calls for four to five short breaks that will result in improved performance. 

A growing number of companies today are embracing this ideology by creating workspaces with whimsical furniture, Lego play stations, slides that connect floors, and yoga rooms that let employees unwind between their waves of high performance. It is this reality that has helped shape the ArtPropel philosophy.