How to Creatively Manage Stress


Unfortunately, stress is an all too common issue for many of us. But do not fear! Manage stress in a creative way with these five tips.

Do a little dance.

As you may know, exercise releases endorphins that help out with stress. However, when you're stressed out, the last thing you want to do is hit the gym for a run on the treadmill. Try another form of cardio, such as putting on some music and busting a move. Not only will you get that exercise, you will have fun while doing it!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

This one takes the cake (pun intended). Dark chocolate, in particular, is full of antioxidants, which reduce blood pressure. By lowering blood pressure, you will feel significantly less stressed.  

Go outdoors.

If the weather permits, go outdoors to get some fresh air and sun. Go for a walk, take your pet out, or have a picnic with friends. The outdoors provide nutrients from the sun, which will leave you feeling recharged, less stressed, and ready to take on your responsibilities.

Try a new hobby.

This can be whatever you want. Play a sport, take up knitting or gardening, or crack open a good book. Taking some time to do an activity that you really enjoy can help you decompress.

Give a compliment to someone.

Even if you are not in the mood, shoot a stranger a smile. Say hello. Be friendly. Give someone a genuine compliment. Strike up a pleasant conversation with someone while in line for coffee. These positive interactions and connections benefit everyone involved and will leave you very happy.

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