How to 'Improv' communication in teams?

Sound and Motion Circle  by Miria Varghese

Sound and Motion Circle by Miria Varghese

If you grew up in the 90's, you may recall, "Whose Line is it Anyway?" the Improvisation Comedy show hosted by Drew Carey, where studio audience suggest ideas for games and skits performed by Improv artists. Started in Britain, the show aired in the US from 1998 - 2007. In 2013, the show was relaunched with Aisha Tyler as the host along with star performers Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie.

The premise of the show was simple but brilliant: Performers took seemingly simple ideas and made it funny - on the spot! Performers played off each other’s cues and then responded quickly and creatively. While the show’s success was its ability to make us laugh, it also demonstrated some vital workplace skills:

“Active listening, Thinking on your feet, and Teamwork.”

While being able to communicate is important at every stage of life, it's the workplace that serves as its toughest crucible. Between making a sales pitch, giving the elevator speech, attending a job interview or leading a meeting, your communication skills are being tested, often on the spot and with no second chance!

If communication and thinking on your feet plays such a crucial role at the workplace, what can you do to be a better manager, a team player or a sales rep?

Be better equipped, of course!

Designed in a fun way to reduce inhibitions, the team at ArtPropel applies the basic principles of Improv to offer training sessions for the workplace.

Improvisation games like 'Yes, And' help participants understand the power of using positive statements when responding to ideas shared at work, thus encouraging open communication and better decision making.  

Similarly, taking part in a game of 'Who, What, Where' teaches players to establish basic information through a three-part conversation, as a way to increase clarity in communication and improve overall efficiency among teams.

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