5 Energizing Morning Routines That Don't Involve Coffee

If you are like 80% of the population, mornings are often a sluggish struggle to wake up and start a productive day. However, there are several things you can do to feel more alive (and they don’t involve a caffeine boost).

Work on a puzzle.

In the morning, it often feels as though our bodies are going through the motions while our brain is playing catch-up. Effective ways to activate your brain involve a few mental exercises. These include playing puzzles such as a crossword puzzle or sudoku! Afterwards, your brain is ready for a day of problem-solving.

Play pretend.

Our mind is a powerful thing. Therefore, sometimes all it takes to wake up is an attitude adjustment. Even if you feel cranky and drained, act alert and energetic. Sit up straight and get going on your tasks. This simple mind over matter trick will help wake you up. It turns out that the activities we avoid when tired, such as walking and laughing, actually energize you.

Try the Morning Pages routine.

Several successful people swear by this technique. It involves writing three pages of anything as soon as you wake up. You don’t have to think about what you are writing, you just have to write. It is an effective way to clear your mind, jumpstart creativity and sharpen focus.

Enjoy a protein-rich breakfast.

Protein- or carbohydrate-rich foods like oatmeal or eggs will give you energy for the rest of your day. Oprah says, “No one would ever mistake me for an expert on engines, but I know one thing: They don't work without fuel. Our bodies are the same way, which is why I'm passionate about breakfast.”

Meditate or practice gratitude.

While meditation is a great morning routine, it can be difficult if you are a first timer. If you are just starting out, try sitting in a quiet place and close your eyes. Then, conjure the feeling of gratitude and let it project out of you, giving it to the world and others.